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What cosiness brings you

Cosiness has many benefits. Whether it's about creating feelings of warmth and security, taking good care of yourself or self-acceptance; it all comes back in a cosy lifestyle. And besides that, it's just great fun of course!

Cosiness is a way of life

It is one of my favourite quotes and I dare say it is my life motto. But what does all this cosines brings me? I'll take you through my personal experience.

Warmth and feelings of safety

With PTSD, nothing is better than being able to experience feelings of safety of course. But without PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder) you also need those feelings of security. We tend to overestimate ourselves, which can unconsciously trigger feelings of insecurity. Cosiness can really be an anchor of safety and warmth. No obligations for a while, snug under a blanket, a cup of hot tea and a book that makes you happy. All warm and cosy in your bubble.

Good selfcare and softness for yourself

Cosiness makes me aware of being gentle for myself and taking good care of myself. It makes me ask myself 'what do I need at this moment'. Not only that, it also makes me put in just that little bit more effort to make it cosier (=better for myself). Where I would previously think: I don't light those candles because they have to go out soon anyway, I now consciously choose to light them. Or this one you probably also know: 'I'll take cold water, it's easier than making tea'. It's wonderful to make an extra effort to take good care of yourself, you deserve that!

Enjoying all the little things

Tea, candles, blossoms, a beautiful view or a lovely book. Cosiness lets me enjoy the little things intensely. Things that I tend to pass by in my speed or thoughts, now get attention and provide a lovely relaxing moment or a smile on my face. It also gives me a much more positive attitude in life, I let myself be guided less by (negative) thoughts and focus more on the happinesses!

Self acceptance

Yes really, since living my cosy lifestyle I am much more accepting of myself. I am now totally okay with being an introvert who loves cosiness and everything that comes with it. I used to be ashamed of it, not mature enough, not effective enough, not useful enough (I had plenty of excuses). But I wouldn't want to be without it anymore, it's also the side of me that provides inspiration in my work. All illustrations are inspired by cosiness!

Did you already get the urge to make it cosy? Good! Enjoy and who knows what it will bring you! If you need more inspiration take a look at the illustrations I made below, super cosy!

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