Questions about orders

When will my order be packed and shipped? - I ship about 2 or 3 times a week. Usually on Mondays and Thursdays and if necessary another day. So it takes a few days for your order to ship.
How long does it take for my order to arrive? – Ik verzend met verschillende vervoerders, binnen Nederland is je pakket er doorgaans binnen 1 a 2 werkdagen nadat je een mailtje ontvangt van verzending (met track en trace). Pakketjes buiten Nederland doen er doorgaans wat langer over (variΓ«rend van een aantal dagen tot iets meer dan een week), je kunt altijd contact met mij opnemen als je denkt dat je pakket ergens blijft hangen!
I didn't receive my order, can you help me? - Of course! Feel free to send a message via the contact form (comes directly to my inbox) or reply to your order emails. Note: if you are outside the Netherlands it may take several weeks before you receive your package, thank you for being patient!
Items are missing in my order, what should I do? - Oh no! Once in a while it can happen that I make a mistake while packing. Just email me (via reply to your order emails or via the contact form) and I'll fix it for you right away!
I did send you an email or message, but I didn't get an answer - I usually answer my emails twice a week. I'm not super fast, but so I always get back to them within 3-4 days πŸ˜€
What countries do you ship to and what does it cost? - Currently I'm shipping to the following countries:

Country - Shipping cost €- Free shipping from order amount €
Netherlands – 4,95 – 60
Belgium – 8,95 – 80
Germany – 8,95 – 80
France – 14,95 – 90
UK – 18,95 – 100
Ireland – 18,95 – 100
Italy – 15,95 – 90
Spain – 18,95 – 120
Denmark – 14,95 – 100
Finland – 18,95 – 150
Austria – 13,95 – 90
Czech 14,95 – 120
Sweden 14,95 – 120
Letland – 14,95 – 120
Luxembourg – 11,95 – 90
Norway – 19,95 – 120
VS / US – 24,95 – 200
Canada – 24,95 – 200
Swiss – 19,95 – 150
Portugal – 17,95 – 120
Slovenia – 19,95 – 150
Poland – 15,95 – 100

If your destination is not listed, feel free to contact me via the contact form.
An item is out of stock, will it be back? - This varies by article. The most convenient way is to sign up for the newsletter to be notified. Click here
Do you have a tracking link for me? - Yes, you will get these automatically from my shipping platform Sendcloud. Keep an eye on your email box!
I only want a few cards, shipping costs are too high! – Helaas kan ik je niet helpen met lagere verzendkosten. Verzenden is ontzettend duur, ik reken niet eens de werkelijke kosten door aan klanten (gemiddeld).
Why do you apply a minimum order amount? - Packages are packed in the warehouse, I pay per package. In addition, there are packaging material costs as well as shipping costs (which I do not pass on in full to customers, gift from me!) so it would cost me money to process orders less than €15. Thank you for your understanding!
Heb je een inpak service of kan ik een berichtje toevoegen aan mijn bestelling? Helaas kan dat (nog) niet. Ik werk met een extern magazijn en deze professionals pakken geen cadeautjes in en/of schrijven geen kaartjes bij je bestelling. Het lijkt me wel leuk om dit in de toekomst te ontwikkelen, maar dat vraagt nog even geduld!

Questions about collaborations or commissioned work

Are you working on commission? - rarely! But sometimes I like to collaborate if the assignment suits me. Feel free to send me a message via the contact form. NOTE: I do'nt do commissioned work for individuals (think birth cards, wedding cards, portraits etc).
I wrote a picture book, can you illustrate it? - Are you a publisher? If so, please get in touch via the contact form. If you are an individual, I am not currently accepting work. NOTE: for book covers or books for adults/older children, I have more space available: send me a message through the contact form!
I have an awesome project, would you like to collaborate? - Who knows! If I like it too, maybe we can create something amazing. Feel free to send a message via the contact form.

Question about retail or wholesale

Can I buy your products wholesale for my store? - Yes! you can register here if you have a shop in The Netherlands. Do you like to order from abroad, you can click on this link to order on platform FAIRE.
How does selling your products as a retailer work? - Not all products in the shop are available for retail (but a lot are!), you are free to use my product images (you can just save them from my website), for the purpose of sales. I appreciate it if you keep the selling price about the same as my own prices. For some products there is a fixed book price, here you are legally obliged to use this price.
Can anyone become a retailer? - No! I always look to see if I think a store fits my work. But usually the retailers who show interest are just really nice people and so are their stores, so feel free to register!

Questions about your work

How do you make your illustrations? - All illustrations are created with watercolors, gouache, markers, pencils, crayons and a combination of these materials. I am a mixed media illustrator with a heavy use of watercolor. After sketching and painting, I scan my illustration, correct mistakes and colors and woop woop! Ready for the printer!
What materials do you use? - I'll post a list of my favourites here as soon as possible, in the meantime, check out my highlight FAQ on instagram.
Where do you find your inspiration? - From myself! I started illustrating as therapy for my PTSD. I wanted to create a warm, safe world. Of course, in doing so, I am incredibly inspired by nature (especially animals), landscapes, all things cosy and inspiring art.