Everything about a cosy spring

The birds are chirping, the scent of spring is in the air. There is nothing I love more than opening the doors for the first time and stepping out into the grass barefoot. I spread out a rug and sit down. I don't do anything, I just watch. I see the first bee, the first lapwing flower, and beautiful patches of moss that have grown over the winter. It is spring!

I am often told that cosiness is really something for autumn and winter. Well, maybe a little bit but spring and summer are perfect months for cosiness, only it's a little bit different from the dark times of the year. It's a bit like the Danes have hygge, they don't do and experience that exclusively in the dark months of the year either. I think it comes a bit from our word 'gezellig' with which we somewhat associate both cosiness and hygge. For many people, the word gezellig conjures up an image of candles, Christmas trees and food, but if you start paying attention, you use the word gezellig almost as often in spring as at other times of the year! It's just 'different gezellig', just like 'different hygge' and therefore 'different cosy'.

Spring cosiness

Cosiness is 'knusheid', warmth, self-care and 'gezelligheid' all in one. Especially in spring, there are plenty of moments to apply the cosy lifestyle. How about:

  • Picnic in the grass
  • Tea in the garden
  • Observing everything that is growing and blooming in nature
  • On a blanket in the grass doing some stretching exercises.
  • Going barefoot
  • As long as it got dark in the evening, enjoying some candlelight!
  • Pottering around in the garden. Sowing, planting, pruning, lovely!
  • Take your sketchbook outside enjoying a nice creative time!
  • Going outside without a coat or jacket (or use those lovely cosy knitted cardigans as a jacket)

wonder and inspiration

Spring is also wonderful for marvelling at everything that grows and blossoms. About a different energy that you might experience, about the longer days, about the seasons. I like to live 'slow'. I love to let the seasons work on me, to enjoy what each season has to offer. By being aware of this, I also find a lot of inspiration for my illustrations. So open your senses, cosy up 'spring style' and get inspired!

More spring

Are you in the spring mood? Then get inspired by my "spring illustrations" too:

3 Responses

  1. Goed idee, cosiness in de lente/zomer, ik ben een echt het knusse herfsttype dus ik zie altijd een beetje op tegen de warme jaargetijden. Maar jouw ideeën zorgen dat het niet perse herfst hoeft te zijn voor dat knusse gevoel. dank je!

    1. Ja, super leuk om dat knusse gevoel door te trekken in de lente en zomer. Ik herken dat ‘knusse herfsttype’ zeker namelijk!

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